About Me

The name's Nabila Cyrilla Imani, and you can call me Bella, or Nabila, but never "Belly". I'm an eighteen year old communication student in University of Indonesia with a lot of things in her head. I'm an INFJ, 1-3% in the world (according to WikiPedia). I'm kind of an escapist. I like to get lost in books, movies, or even music. I also enjoy musical theatre and the book based on it. 

My life is also surrounded with music since I was little. I'm a pianist, violinist, and (sort of a) guitarist. I also put my interest on Gamelan (Indonesian traditional instrument), that almost extinct even in Indonesia. 

So, whether you know this stuff or not, you still haven't known who I really am. Why, everyone has a story, if one does want to look deeply and understand it. And there is always factor x that makes us different than any normal teenager or human being in this universe. Although when we both had passed through the grave, we stood at God's feet, equal — as we are. (see what am I doing here?)

What I'll write here is not so far from my daily regular life which includes many topics and people in various kind of writing.

Where to find me?