About Me

The name's Nabila Cyrilla Imani, and you can call me Bella, or Nabila (but never "Belly"). I'm a nineteen-year-old communication student in University of Indonesia with a lot of things in her head. Therefore I made this blog, sometimes to make a straight line out of my thoughts in my head, or just as my catharsis. I'm kind of an escapist; I like to get lost in books, movies, or even music. I also enjoy watching musical theatre and reading the book based on it. 

My life is surrounded by music since I was little. I'm a pianist, violinist, and (sort of a) guitarist. I also put my interest on Gamelan (Indonesian traditional instrument), that almost extinct even in Indonesia. However, whether you know this stuff or not, you actually still haven't known who I really am. Why, everyone has a story, if one does want to look deeply and understand it. And there is always factor x that makes us different than any normal teenager or human being in this universe. Although when we both had passed through the grave, and we stood at God's feet, equal — as we are (see the reference here? Yeah, love that book!)

The title of the blog, "End of September", is actually a nod to my born date and a historical date in Indonesia. What I'll write here is not so far from my daily regular life which includes many topics and people in various kind of writing. Like I've said before, to make a straight line out of my crumbled thoughts in the head or just to be my catharsis. 

Where to find me?