A Door

10/29/2016 02:02:00 AM
Knock, knock,
Who is there?
Aherd who?
A herd you were lovely, so I came over.

Knock, knock,
Who's there now?
Orange? What orange?
Orange you going to let me into your mind?

Knock, knock,
For the last time, who's there?
I don't have a needle, get out.
Needle little help gettin’ in your heart.

Knock, knock,
What now?
Ketchup as in Pulp Fiction or who?
Ketchup with me and I’ll tell you.

Sunglasses and the Dark Stairs

10/26/2016 02:29:00 AM
The clock's ringing bleakly,
telling you it's the middle of the night.
You walk down the stairs in the dark,
quiet and desolate.

A sunglasses hanged in your pale nose,
but you still decided to come downstairs.
Although you know you need concentration,
that sunglasses still plastered firmly there.

You fell hard,
and took the darkness to blame. 
Alas, you blamed the situation,
when the fault is the man in the mirror.

Whereas you can stop the fall,
when you leave that sunglasses to rot,
when you can walk down carefully,
in the clear sight of your eyes in the murk.

I wish you can see clear as crystal,
that there is a rift waiting for you to claw.
That illuminate your way through the darkness,
without you wearing the sunglasses.

Please, take away that sunglasses for awhile,
and let the silver lining guides you.
Walk down slowly, carefully,
because you are porcelain worth all the currencies.


10/09/2016 11:16:00 PM
I am nothing, but
a tiger in the form of a cat,
a razor in disguise of a candy,
a wit in acting of lunacy,
a cumulonimbus in the shadow of a sun,
a jack-the-ripper in the mask of a pygmalion.

I am a grenade waiting to explode when your wolf teeth reaches me.
Then, I could smack the fangs out of you, if you ever dare to hurt me.
Pardon me, but it is a normal act as defensive as mortal can be.

Try to Remember the Kind of September

10/02/2016 12:12:00 AM

"Try to remember the kind of September,
When life was slow and oh, so mellow,
Try to remember the kind of September,
When grass was green and grain was yellow."

The September is just gone, just like that.
It's honestly a sorrowful departing from a month that somehow always makes me tingle when I hear its name. Not only because I became older every the end of September, but many things happened in September, distinctive atmosphere is also felt in this particular month.

And yet I parted again with it, together with me being officially a year older.
However, don't forget to remember that in this particular day, marked fifty-one years since the Thirtieth of September Movement, the incident that sparked new order era in Indonesia.

Don't forget too that it's also seventy-eight years since Treaty of Munich was signed by Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier, and Chamberlain, that forced Czechoslovakia to give territory to Germany. And it's also 225 years since Mozart's opera "Magic Flute" was premiered in Vienna.

So many things can happen on every single date that this world could count for us. As many as the things that we could do in every day of our lifetime, so cherish and seize it according to your sincere definition of meaningful. And yes, do it with sincerity too.

Like someone's saying yesterday, which convinced me words can stupefy people in instant, your sincerity won't only be wasted on the river. Much longer it would be the seed for other sincerity in tomorrow's sun. And that's what I'd hope in later days, to be more sincere and wiser in my days doing what I'd say as meaningful things. So I could remember those days like when grass was green and grain was yellow. And make them see their days the same way too.