12/17/2016 11:41:00 AM

Problem; it's an inevitability.

Everyone in this goddamn world has a problem.
It's a fact that we all knew well by heart but sometimes we tend to forget when it happened to us. It produced the very familiar question regarding "Why it happened to me?"

Why this horrible mixed feeling of anxiety or sadness or angry is happening to us is actually an orthodox question we asked ourselves when we first noticed the problem. The problem shakes us deeply until we don't know what to do and then come all those mixed feelings afterwards. All we can do is to accept those feeling. What we're feeling is real. Even if it doesn't reflect to our facial feature or our gesture, it doesn't make the feeling less real.

"But there are people out there whose problems are way bigger than you." they said or you said to yourself. Still, it doesn't make the feeling less real. There are people whose problems are more complicated than us is a fact too. Humans are diverse, so is the problem. However, for us, this problem that just happened to us is the thing that makes our life harsher now. And that is the thing that create the empathy within us to other people with their own problems.

There are things that we should remember, at this moment we're still alive and life still happens. The condition that we are in right now with the problems, et cetera, is not going to stick through. The feeling that comes by with it is going to change. One day you'll see the problem from the different angle than the first time you heard about it. "It doesn't make any sense, I'm still sad and angry." said your deepest heart. Be patient. It takes time and effort to overcome our problems. The effort may varied due to our variety of problems too. As long as it isn't just a 'quick' escape from the problem and will just harm your health and mind. We can ask for suggestion from friends or family, even just ourselves. Then we know there are always something we can learn from everything that has happened to us, even the horrible problem ones. When we learn from the problem with delicate then we could make the possibility of it isn't going to happen in the future again. It also would make us a stronger and better person than the one we know before. And if you still believe in God, remember, God would never give us the ordeal that we could not go through.

For whoever you are out there, this is just a warm reminder, if you're feeling like life could not stop throwing rocks at you until you fell and stranded below the wheel, just remember there will be a time when you're up at the top of the wheel again. Because the wheel is always spinning. It's not a naive thought because it seemed to you that the wheel doesn't spin an inch. Perhaps, you're just slouching on the couch contemplating all night why the wheel doesn't spin. You simply have to believe and do something about it to spin the wheel. I've been there and I've also seen people go through it.

Alas, like my best friend once told me, when you're feeling sad remember that this shall pass and there will be time when you feel happiness again. When you finally feel that happiness, you'll remember sadness not as what it was, but for the reason behind your knowing of what it feels like to be happy.

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