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12/08/2016 01:15:00 AM

The blast of her existence will be on every headline
I've encountered on the road home or when I was
out with friends and family.

The thing that could hold my breath for a while and
sigh in relief, to know someone who could do
better than myself.

Stay, that's all I can say to her. In the sky full
of pollution and corruption, she won't see moon and
stars. But she will see them deep in your eyes.

In the noisy street full of traffic jams and garbage,
she won't hear soothes and good news. But she will
hear them if she listens close enough to your heartbeat.

She is a bandage of something that was broken
to pieces inside. And I am the one who dropped it
from the top of Mount Everest.

Then Elda exclaimed...

"...You've found a new home,
And I should be happy."

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