11/05/2016 07:59:00 PM

“Where is the mainland?” she asked. She was flailing uncontrollably in the middle of the sea. Screaming for aid and gasping for air. Alas, there were not any animal with a brain and a heart visible there.

She was suffocating. Trying to swim with nowhere to go but following the flow. “How much longer could I survive?” she wondered. Her pounding heart felt like in a rock concert instead. Her sight was blurry with the water that finished her off.

“Breathe.” she started to comfort her soul in the midst of panic, “But I’m starting to lose faith.” She cried. Louder than before if she ever cried back then. Still, not a salvation ever came up.

The pain was the worst of all, washing all over her body. She wondered maybe all of this was her karma. Maybe, this was what hell feels like. Then she realized, “But I’m still alive.” At least her heart was still pounding, her pain can be felt with precise, and her consciousness was still there. She’s still human.

She expanded her arms, as long as it could achieve. Her eyes were shut. “Breathe.” She said again to herself. She swung her hands strongly, hoofing the hard waves. “Breathe, and go.”

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