10/23/2016 09:04:00 PM

Remember that night after a heavy rain,
they were walking in a narrow alley to Pocin Station,
She said he could go home instead,
but he stayed because he said he was already here.

They talked,
mostly about books he borrowed from his brother,
or all the films he watched in festivals
or in torrent site that's no longer there.

Remember that street lamp,
it was so alive as his expression was.
More alive than words that popped on her phone.
They were barely real to even called as 'alive'.

She owed him twenty thousand rupiah that day,
that she hasn't got a chance to pay it.
Perhaps he's already forgotten about it,
and she thought, well, what a pleasure.

Remember that day in the hall,
they walked passed each other,
a curve formed instantly on his lips,
and she mimicked it with sincerity.

They barely do that anymore.
Alas, he's already on his way home without her telling him to.
How she long for that heavy night,
like how Galatea misses her Acis.

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