9/26/2016 10:38:00 PM

My thigh got blistered by a straightener last week. It hurts at first. However, it didn't show any color or swell, just a bit hot and smarting. I quickly wore my favorite shirt and trouser and rocked the day like I don't have an accident that morning.

Until one day I looked at my thigh by chance. There was a long fine line of the wound. The fibrin fiber was already turned brown-ish, it was horrid. I let it dry to make new healthy epidermis again. I gave it petroleum balm every night, but still, it looked the same.

The wound dried and peeled off as time goes. No matter how much and often I gave it ointments, the mark still remains.

Perhaps, the same case will go to every imaginable wound you've ever known. The one that makes you cry under the moonlight when you hear a name or a picture, or the other that puts you wide awake in the morning when the rooster crows. It was invisible at first, without us knowing anything about the wound. Then it goes very painful and dreadful when you finally realized it. However, put on a luxurious clothing or mask, then you'll be fine spending the day.

But no matter how much you put an effort to make it well again, the mark remains. Maybe time (and effort) will make it fade. Yeah, time, plenty of it or just a split second, who knows.

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