The Pond

6/25/2016 12:38:00 AM

Narcissus was supposed to be in love with the pond. The pond is clear as crystal. It reflects every piece of things above the pond vividly. Every thought and emotion that Narcissus adores was reflected through it. Every splash that blurs Narcissus' imperfection was supposed to be praised. The calmness of the pond was supposed to be fond of. And time went by as Narcissus daydreaming of the reflection on the pond.

However, not so far beside Narcissus there is this river. The river is surrounded by pine trees that echoes Narcissus' voice. Narcissus came by and fell in love with the echo within the river, instead. You can't see the river due to its foul and dark water, the reflection wasn't very clear either. The splash on the river is harsh that almost endangered Narcissus' life.

"It's exactly what I needed," Narcissus said.

The river may not be as flawless as the pond, not as brilliant as the pond, but the river can give what Narcissus wants and needs. Narcissus won’t be alone because there’s echo that accompanies wherever Narcissus is in the river zone. The hype from avoiding the hazardous splash intrigued Narcissus. And the blurred reflection from the river can make Narcissus trying to improve.

Yet from across the pine trees, Narcissus saw, that the river can be impeccably beautiful too.

—Unlike Mythology: Narcissus

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