Earth to Bella

6/17/2016 02:08:00 PM

The title is inspired by Incubus's song with the same name, which I've been currently hyped since last month. Earth to someone is an idiom means of getting back the attention of someone who has not been the focus or concentrates like daydreaming or spacing out. As if one were on the earth, trying to contact someone in a spaceship. The implication is that the person being addressed is spacy. Then, earth to Bella means; Hello Bella, are you listening?

If it's a yes, then Bella have been snapped back to reality and listen or see what she should have been listened or seen an eternity ago. Because what she saw back then was just a shadow.

Like the allegory of the cave by Plato, people have been trapped from childhood in a dark cave. There was only fire there and walkway with a low wall, which behind it lies people with the other living things. They only saw what the shadow projected upon the cave wall in front of them. The sounds of the people talking echoed off the shadowed wall, and the people believed these sounds come from the shadows too. Until one of them freed from the cave and blinded by the blaze of the sun. Gradually he saw what the people, water, animal actually is, not just a shadow back then.

Sometimes I feel what I've seen only a shadow, sometimes not. It's also because I don't have the knowledge of a thing or two that makes me question it. And that motivated me to explore about everything in general, to get a glance at the real world, and to experience new things that will eventually have an essence. Like doing things that I've never done, learning new things every holiday, and listening more than just hearing. Because deep down one thing we all can agree: there's more the world than meets the eye.

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