What Are You

3/05/2016 01:08:00 AM

- Inquires.

What are you?
Like a gum chewed by a child,
yet popping out of my mind,
in need for seeing the gleam
of curved thing on your lips.

Who are you?
Risking to live in a continuum,
between safety and danger,
or I'm too dumb to function
and stay away from the peril.

Why are you here?
Analogous with myself,
walking in unison and line,
reasoning every same path,
then aghast with the twist and turn.

Just play the melody, Stranger,
I would listen than wander
Since this was all just inquiries,
not sins nor tragedies,
but merely inquiries.

(Depok, February 25th 2016)

- Answers.

I am a thought
that emerged from the corner of your cerebrum,
whose smile is nothing but a blessing view,
though the aim is not to you.

I am a person
who lives in a house of choice,
that I can take merely for what I want,
could then become the hazardous one.

I am an idea
which you invented inside of your mind,
walking in line but not in rhyme,
to the place with no tramline.

This is me singing instead,
not with the strains of songs nor melodies,
but with a series of performance,
answering your prudent inquiries
that I hope aren't what you called tragedies.

--Poemversation: unrequited

(Depok, March 1st 2016)

((This poemversation only happened on my head.
If only people spoke in poem and poetry.
The world could be a beautiful place.
But in a high context type of culture way.))

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