What Are You

3/05/2016 01:08:00 AM
- Inquires.

What are you?
Like a gum chewed by a child,
yet popping out of my mind,
in need for seeing the gleam
of curved thing on your lips.

Who are you?
Risking to live in a continuum,
between safety and danger,
or I'm too dumb to function
and stay away from the peril.

Why are you here?
Analogous with myself,
walking in unison and line,
reasoning every same path,
then aghast with the twist and turn.

Just play the melody, Stranger,
I would listen than wander
Since this was all just inquiries,
not sins nor tragedies,
but merely inquiries.

(Depok, February 25th 2016)

- Answers.

I am a thought
that emerged from the corner of your cerebrum,
whose smile is nothing but a blessing view,
though the aim is not to you.

I am a person
who lives in a house of choice,
that I can take merely for what I want,
could then become the hazardous one.

I am an idea
which you invented inside of your mind,
walking in line but not in rhyme,
to the place with no tramline.

This is me singing instead,
not with the strains of songs nor melodies,
but with a series of performance,
answering your prudent inquiries
that I hope aren't what you called tragedies.

--Poemversation: unrequited

(Depok, March 1st 2016)

((This poemversation only happened on my head.
If only people spoke in poem and poetry.
The world could be a beautiful place.
But in a high context type of culture way.))

Bandung Book-hunt

3/05/2016 01:07:00 AM
Embrace yourself because the holiday is over and now back to reality. It has been two weeks since the semester break and I haven't written any holiday-oriented post. To mend my longing for a holiday, I'll write a post or two narrating what it was all about.

This time is about my secondhand book-hunt in Bandung. The true purpose actually was just visiting (and cleaning up) my apartment back in Cimbeuluit, Bandung with my parents, then serendipity happened. Just before a turn from my apartment, there was a tiny store with a board screamed for me. I looked it up from my car's window and the board says "Reading Lights: Secondhand Bookshop and Coffee Corner".

It is a tiny store in a far spot from the center of the city. I instantly fangirled for awhile and begged my parents to visit it. And that was the start of me searching more places like that in the little city which brought me to these:

1. Reading Lights
As you can see, Reading Lights is very cozy and warm, just like your grandmother's old house, but in a good way. I was finishing "Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore" that time and somehow it reminded me of that book. I wish I was in a magical bookstore which holds the ultimate answer of the whole universe hayyahh, but no it isn't, thankfully. The book collection is pretty huge and in a perfect condition. I bought three secondhand-flawless books: Waiting for fo Godot by Irish writer, bazpierce's favorite, Samuel Beckett, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer, and Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw.

And the coffee corner, I bought hot Americano as usual, and guess what I saw next on the menu, Neil Gaiman Coffee. Unfortunately, the stock was empty that day. Take me there again and Iwe'll drink Neil Gaiman Coffee together for sure.

2. Kineruku
The hip place in Hegarmanah, Bandung with Instagram bio: "Library Book-Music-Film Shop Cafe", how can I resist? 

Kineruku has a big collection of book and edition, but unfortunately, you cannot buy them. It's basically like a library, you can only rental books. However, there's a limited amount of book that was available for buying. I bought a vintage article about Oscar Wilde's work, one of my favorite writer of all time and Banda Neira's album. Kineruku also has a comfy cafe spot where you can drink coffee while reading, having my time, finishing your work, or just catching up with friends.

Beside the store there is a vintage merchandise shop (photo one) which is very artsy, it's called "Garasi Opa". It sells display, decoration, and merchandise related to your mother or even your grandmother's year, yeah it is that vintage and interesting. 

3. Omuniuum
The last bookstore that I visit in Bandung, Omuniuum. It is also that close to my apartment and in a pretty strategic place in front of Parahyangan University. It is located on the second floor of Circle K. You'd never know there could be a place like this at the top of a minimarket, aye?

The book collection is not so big, it's only a few shelf beneath a wall like the photo. Probably because it focuses on selling Indie music album and its merchandise too. Yes, it is the place where a music god hang out and buy some CDs. I didn't buy anything from the bookstore, but I adore the music store so much.