2/21/2016 02:48:00 AM

It is a beautiful word.
It is a secondhand bookshop just across my apartment.
It is a pencil on an empty table when you forgot yours on an exam.
It is something beautiful that happened for a reason, without looking for them.

It is the name of a famous restaurant in New York where a romantic film with the same name takes place. Because romcom is one of my guilty pleasures.

So, what is the difference between serendipity and destiny?
It sounds the same but the meaning is very much different. Destiny is something big or positive that fated to someone, with all modifiers. Although Annie from Sleepless in Seattle said that "Destiny is something we've invented because we can't stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental." Indeed, it looked accidental from that point of view, but from another pov, destiny is a fixed continuum that can change from one point to another by our choice or effort. And like I've said, romcom is my guilty pleasure.

However, serendipity is just there, waiting to happen, when you least expect it.


She is a serendipity to her.
She walked through the room with zero idea,
of whom she knew as working partner,
is her lifetime business partner.

He is a serendipity to her.
She shook a hand with no conscious,
of whose hand she shook as classmate,
is someone she will caress with delicate.

It is a serendipity to her.
It came with an aim of choices,
of she took to mend the pain,
is an impression she thought she never gains.

(Jakarta, February 21st 2016)

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