Happy New Year

12/31/2015 10:27:00 PM
One and a half hours to 2016.

Long story short, a lot of things has happened to me in 2015. From studying from heaven to hell for the science class national exam to social studies for university enrollment test and both succeed. From leaving old dearest friends to meeting new interesting people that I was destined to meet.

To find a new place called home in Depok. I know it sounds crazy and unexpected to finally call such a new area my home. However like the ol' quote says: "Home is where your heart is." Or should we say "where your homework is"?

To finally join a real orchestra, not an ensemble in high school. Still waiting for that Beethoven 7th symphony to be played though.

And to feel very depressed for a moment that made me grateful for the wonderful things.

Two or three years ago I question myself should I say a happy new year for a shitty year (or a fcked up moment right before the transition year). In fact, yes we still should. Well, human naturally tend to see the bad things popped out rather than the good things. However, in that pile of bad moments in this year, there must be a dot of light that hidden beneath them, hinting its shine. And we all should be grateful for both of that.

From a train far away from home.
Happy new year 2016!

(Btw I failed the Goodreads reading challenge for the first time hahah damN 15 out of 20 books lyk???)