What date is it?

9/30/2015 12:45:00 AM
If you gotta grow up sometime
You have to do it on your own
I don’t think I could stand to be stuck
That’s the way the things were going
 - Act of the Apostle (God Help the Girl) 

End of September, oh, the blog title.
And here I am.
New place. New friends. New home(s).
And probably, new me?

Long time no post, I’ve got limited internet here in my new place. And mind my babbling, it’s just me confused how to open this super individual post. Like my brain was trying really hard to think on how how how to open a post about an eighteen birthday.

Yep. I just turned eighteen 45 minutes ago.

But is it strange that I feel almost nothing, except realizing I’m actually that old. I feel like I’m still sixteen, God, what is happening with me. Like anyone who’s getting older every day, they don’t want to accept the fact that they’re old.

Responsibility, maturity, bravery are just a little part of things that are expected to be in an eighteen-year-old. And to be good. I’ve talked about this thing before in my sixteen birthday. Where we get to choose to be bad or to be good. I think I’ve made the choice a long time ago. And I’m still trying to be that until now.

Oh, and I super love God Help the Girl soundtrack and Act of Apostle is one of my faves. And that little lyrics at the top is the deepest lyrics on the song imo. You have to grow up and sometimes without anyone’s help. Well, yeah although you don't want to be old, you also couldn't be stuck because that will be a riot.

P.S. I miss my high school friends, I miss them so bad.