In Preparation for Doing the Right Thing

10/26/2013 11:42:00 PM
It's been a long time since I write a post about my regular life. First of all, high school is always busy with the assignment and the drama. You know the drama, the kind of you want to avoid but it came anyway. However, don't worry I will overcome it eventually, and everything will be fine in the end. In the next ten years, we're going to forget it anyway.

So, I just realized I haven't written a post about my sixteen birthday. For those in the US may think of a sweet sixteen but in Indonesia, there's only sweet seventeen, when we are literally considered as an adult. We will act like an adult, well, kind of. We have to be as mature as the adults. We have to know what's right and wrong. But of course, there's a step onto that phase, being sixteen.

I've been wondering to myself what's so special about sixteen nor seventeen and I got the answer. It's my opinion so I'm not sure the validity of it. I also may not have the years of experience yet to speak about this, but sixteen or seventeen seems to be an age of extremes. Like you're in the middle of the roller-coaster or kora-kora in Dufan.

The taste of it is like lemonade; fresh, sweet, and sour. Other than the unstable emotion inside of your body since we're still a teenager, we're also overthinking and overreacting. The kind of things that will make everything seems very complicated.

Yet this phase and year, you will be divided to be good or bad. Everyone wanted to be good, undoubtedly every parent wanted their child to be good and better than they are. This phase is when you're learning and start doing what's right in order to be good.

Almost a month ago, I turned sixteen. Right on mid-semester exam, I know, it's kind of unfortunate. Yet I still have a lot of fun with my friends afterward. We had a birthday lunch at a mall (ofc my treat) and they gave me a 'cake surprise', what an event! Anyway, still can't forget the way they acted the storyline. I'm impressed. I love you guys.

I also realized this time is a step closer to a huge turn in my life. This few year will be the determination of what I became in the next ten or twenty years and who I really am. And who we wanted to be in the future is, of course, a lot of good things. Obviously, everyone wanted to be a perfect, impeccable, and flawless human being. Yet somehow we often forget no one is flawless except God.

But we can be a good, right? by doing what's right. In order to do what's right, we have to know what kind of thing they are. We have to learn not to misunderstand the bad thing into the good thing. We have to learn how to do it and how to understand it. Yeah, I know, it looks kinda hard. Yet we'll go through it, eventually.

Lucky you who have been through it all and became who you're proud to be. You succeed in one of the lifetime achievements that you'll not regret your whole life. Because there are many who didn't. Many, many people post on their website, youtube, Tumblr, or blog, a letter to their sixteen-year-old self. The reason they did it is that in the end, they realized things they actually shouldn't think or do in those years.

The thing we thought was huge, relevant, and so important that I will cut my vein, in the end, it isn't actually what we thought it was. Soon, we forget and we learn how crazy and messed was our thoughts back then. I also can see myself writing a letter to my sixteen years old self, too. Human flawed. I'm not a perfect sixteen years old right now. Of course, there are some things I don't like in myself. Therefore I will see my ten years older self-wrote a letter to my at the moment self.

But I can still hope the list isn't that long, right?

So let's hope this year I can make a starting line to learn and do what's right, to become someone I proud of for the next few years or so. Happy (not-so-sweet) sixteen to me!