10/17/2012 06:56:00 PM
So this post is basically about my birthday. I know it's a bit late, because exactly one week after my birthday is a mid-semester exam which is pretty distressing. And I must focusing on that exam for my first report on Senior High. Overall, my birthday is normal. Beside a lot of messages through bbm and twitter saying their wishes and greeting (and from the unexpected one). I went to a restaurant on Pasific Place, and had lunch with my family. My mom leaked about my birthday to the one of the waitress (hoping for some discount I guess). Then I ordered some meal, and then after I finished lunch, suddenly all of the waitress around there sang to me (a south african fishing song i think) with cooking utensils as their instrument and gave me an ice cream with a candle on top. It was unexpected. and my face is like ":-o" and ":-|" at the same time. Well, that was epic but also pretty embarassing haha. But it's ok. And after that we went home after some clothes shopping.

And what really made my day is 'the unexpected one' noticed me from bbm. Well, it has been a long long time since I chat with him, because I know he's busy and we didn't often meet at school. So it really means a lot to me. and also thank you very much my wholockianmerlin fans, Gladyz who gave me such a marvelous gift. Love you, Rose mwah.

And this is what Gladyz gave me. Okay I instantly fangirling after she gave me this at school.

P.S. Tomorrow is the day for Trip Observasi. My school's event when we stay for five days in a small village, and live in the villagers house. So we must adapt with the situation there. and most of all, cook by our own. Let's hope I can survive, wish me luck!