9/08/2012 08:25:00 PM

I've been so anxious about a lot of useless things lately. I can't even breathe peacefully like the old days. I always feel there is a heavy burden in my back. Someone said, most people's anxiety is focused with 40% of things that will never happen, 30% of things relating to the past that can't be changed, 12% of things relating to other people's criticism, and only 8% of the time do they worry about real things that'll need to be faced. So if there is only 8% we really worried about real concerns, then why are we wasted so much time worrying about things that actually shouldn't be worried about. When we are so concerned about the things that we can't do anything about, we have a tendency to miss things which are really important and no time and energy left to deal with them.

We spend our lives regretting the wrong choices we've made, And not even realizing life is short. I know maybe we spend our lives worrying about important things. But these important things which compared to a life, in the end will appears very petty.

The fact is, we can't predict tomorrow or the next moment. Sometimes it feels we don't even have rights to dream about tomorrow. So, live our life to the fullest, and don't spill any seconds to do the vain.

- B -

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