Is it a sin?

8/09/2012 09:31:00 AM

Sometimes I wish I can read human's mind. So I can truly understand what they're meaning through their vague utterances or something they never said. And to find out if what I did was right, or utterly wrong.

I'm not trying to be an angel nor a cupid. My true purpose is just to make you happy although I didn't know whether I'm right about what is your happiness or not. I've just realized I haven't known you for so long. But I acted like I already know you for a long time ago, and planned something that I thought would make you happy. Despite the fact it requires to sacrifice my own feelings. Yes, I don't care

Can you tell me am I right or wrong if I do it? I haven't done it because I'm dazed. You've told me what she meant to you, why haven't you tell me if I was right? Or maybe you left it like that because you haven't known my actual purpose. I only want you to be happy. Even if it wasn't with me.

You gave the taste of lemonade to my life. My heart thudded harder everytime I see your name popped. Although it's just you who was talking about that girl, my best friend from the first time we talked. So I can conclude, you two are the most significant people in my life right now. I couldn't even want anything more. You deserve to be happy. In spite of I'm not ready to face the consequences.

But some of my true-self saying the opposite.Why I'd do that? Why can't I use this as an opportunity to prevent them ever happen? I'm not selfish.  But why can't I be happy too with the one I cared? Is it a sin?

I may be on the side of angels. But don't think for one second, that I am one of them.

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