1/18/2011 07:34:00 PM
PS: yesterday i bought scott pilgrim vs. the world dvd and it's freaking awesome!

Todd Ingram  : We have an unfinished business. I and he.
Scott Pilgrim  : He and me.
Todd Ingram  : Don't you talk to me about grammar!
Scott Pilgrim  : I dislike you, kapeesh.
Todd Ingram  : Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday.
Scott Pilgrim  : What?
Todd Ingram  : Because you'll be dust by Monday... because you'll be pulverized in two seconds. The cleaning lady? She cleans up... dust. She dusts.
Scott Pilgrim  : So, what's on Monday?
Todd Ingram  : 'Cause... it's Friday now, she's the weekends off, so... Monday, right?"

it's a weird quotes but it's funny enough xD.