Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

9/04/2010 12:25:00 PM

An Epic of Epic Epicness is the theme of this movies, and it was true. This movie is totally EPIC! 
Scott Pilgrim vs. The world tells about an unemployed boy named Scott Pilgrim who fell in love with Ramona Flowers. This girl is not just an ordinary girl. For being her girlfriend, Scott must defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriend. The first one is Matthew Patel (has magic thingy and an indian, I guess), second is Lucas Lee (an actor and Wallace's idol), third is Todd Ingram (has awesome vegan powers, also a bassist from The Clash at Demonhead and hottiee), the fourth is Roxy Richter (a girl, a ninja), The fifth and sixth is Kyle & Ken Katayanagi (Twins), and the last one is Gideon Graves (music director, rich guy, in love with ramona).
What made this movie really cool is they had a many bands, like Sex Bob-Ombs (scott's band), Crush and The Boys (at first was pretty lame, but actually it's a good band), The Clash at Demonhead (popular band, envy adam's band, todd's also, and it's my favorite all time), Ken & Kyle (I dont know the actual band name)

I read the comic books from the first volume 'til the last. And it was awesomeee. It's cool guys, seriously. Brian Lee O'Malley is a genius! Okay, I'm freaking out as I saw the news that the movie coming out this year. And I wished it's as awesome as the comic books, but.. the fact is, it isn't. but still it's amazing, tho. The comic book waaay better than the movie (always like that, right?). But believe me, the comics are really awesome, so, get it nooow!

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I made this when I'm bored yesterday, haha suckyy. but yeah I really love this movie. TOTALLY EPIC!

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